25 Gifts For Your Mother-in-law That Keep Giving in 2019

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Your budget?

Mother-in-law is your second Mom, that's why the gifts for her should be filled with care, love and thoughtfulness. We have a lots of ideas for every mother-in-law of any age and with any hobby. Remember: we are here to help you choose the perfect gift.


Gifts for cozy home

It's so nice to stay at your mother-in-law's house, isn't it? Everything is so cozy, toasty and delicious, just like at your Mom's or Grandmom's house. If you want to contribute and make it even better, we are here to help you!

Custom Cutting Board

This is a gift that this woman will cherish for years to come. The cutting board handcrafted from richly grained maple featuring the name of you mom-in-law is absolutely beautiful. If you have the dough to spend, this is one of our faves on our list of gifts.

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Belville Juicer

This juicer is so great. Blend up whatever you want and create amazing smoothies with this guy. Stay healthy and eat and drink great tasting blended fruits and veggies! This is also great for those who is always on the go because of how fast and easy it makes creating smoothies and juices.

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Deep Sea Sand Art

The fan favorite for children gets an adult makeover with this Deep Sea Sand Art. It’s calming, mesmerizing, and ever-changing, making new designs and landscapes every day. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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Funny Bag Clips

Cute kitty bag clips will add a nice touch to the kitchen and uplift your mother-in-law's spirits every time she see them. They will make a nice part of a bigger gift for the house and kitchen. Keep in mind, that it's such small and cute details that speak to one's soul.

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Cashmere Blanket

The ideal blanket, cashmere is arguably the softest material in the world. And in this understated print that could work in any home, this is the perfect luxury gift for your mother-in-law..

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Donut Warming Coffee Mug

Every morning will be nice and cozy with this special coffee cup with a pastry holder. It will keep her favorite donuts or muffins warm as she drinks her hot coffee of chocolate. You can also personalize the mug with your mom-in-law's name.

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Relaxation and pampering gifts

As the saying goes, at first our mothers pamper us and then it's our turn to pamper them. Let's take a look at gifts that are going to put a smile on your mom-in-law's face for sure!

Face Masks

A rejuvenating face mask can make all the difference for someone who needs a little break. With enough ingredients to make 15 masks with every kind of effect your mom-in-law could want - invigorating, cleansing, detox and others.

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Electric Body Massager

This practical gift will highly appreciated by time-poor mom who is always busy and can hardly find enough time for herself. Just a few minutes of massage a day will help your mom-in-law to feel relaxed and boost her energy.

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Lavender Blanket

With an insert that is filled with lavender for calming, it can be microwaved or put in the fridge for the optimal temperature for comfort. It is a perfect gift for your mom-in-law who values self care and relaxation.

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Herbal Spa Slippers

Comfy and plush, the insoles are filled with dried lavender flowers and flax seeds. Heat them up in a microwave for 30 seconds and snuggle your feet inside. Aromatic spa treatment starts immediately, warming and relaxing your feet. During hot summer days you can cool the insoles down in the fridge.

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Lavender Eye Pillow

This is a nice pair for a lavender blanket. If your mom-in-law has a job that requires her to spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, she will definitely appreciate this lavender eye pillow. After a long day of work, she can heat it up- or cool it down and wear it to rest her eyes.

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Wine Subscription

If your new mom loves wine - this is an amazing gift. All you do is her address and choose from their amazing lists of wines. And if you know her wine preferences, the experts can recommend wines she might like!

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Bathtub Caddy

As all mothers, you mom-in-law is probably often forgets about her need. The art of self-care is something that you need to remind her is important! Bathtub caddy is a convenient and functional device that will come in handy when she decides to relax in a bathtub with a book and a glass of wine.

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Useful gifts

Amazon Echo Dot

Everything is getting smarter these days. Your new mom should get in on all that tech too, and the Echo Dot from Amazon is a great place to start. Highly-functional yet affordable, it is the ultimate home assistant to wow her with.

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Magnetic Spice Containers

The reason why many countries fought over for centuries is now accessible, right in your mom-in-law’s counter.
Enjoy her delightful food—seasoned with the world’s best flavors—by gifting her this set of sleek, modern, and highly practical magnetic containers. Tailor-made for the world’s best chef.

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Programmable Air Fryer

If your mother-in-law is into cooking, this programmable air fryer and cookbook will help take her culinary skills to a new level. It’ll also help shed the pounds as it allows the whole family to enjoy their favorite foods without the added calories of oil.

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Scales with Body Analysis

If your mom-in-law watches her weight or looks after her health and the health of the family, it is a perfect gift for her! This device measures body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI and suggests calorie consumption. It has Bluetooth capability for access from smartphone or tablet.

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Personalized 18-month Planner

The working mom-in-law will love getting to crack open her planner daily to write down appointments, meetings and schedule her day. Not only is it pretty, but it’s functional, too.

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Anything Finder

More than one crisis could have been avoided if everyone owned Tile Mate.
As the dog of the tech world, Tile Mate uses Bluetooth to track anything. Those keys your mom-in-law keeps losing once per month? Not an issue anymore. Misplaced your phone? Easy solution.

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Thoughtful and heartfelt gifts

Sometimes you feel like gifting something really special - something that noone could think of. We've got a couple of ideas here!

Honey With Gold Flakes

You mom-in-law is sure to appreciate this perfect beauty and health kit. The healing properties of organic thyme honey are enhanced by thin leaves of edible 24K gold. It can be also used for massage, and this luxurious treatment for her skin will make her feel like a queen.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser can be the best pick for this season. Your mom-in-law can add some soothing and relieving fragrances in it to fill her home with a lovely scent. The diffuser has 7 light colors that change continuously.

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Wine Pearls

Putting ice in your wine is classless; putting pearls in your wine is refined. These pearls are ideal for summer days with a glass of white or rosé that needs a little touch of cool. It won’t water-down the wine and there’s no hassle of putting a bottle on ice to chill. Just pour, plop, and enjoy.

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GemWater Bottle

No fit mom-in-law is complete without her water bottle; gift her an extra special one.
This water bottle is unique, as it also contains gemstones. If your mom-in-law believes in crystal healing, she’d love to have access to vitalized water on the go.
Well, and the crystals just look beautiful.

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Sewing Station

Make your mom-in-law happy with this ultimate sewing kit. Sure, this is a perfect gift if she loves to sew and wants to keep all the accessories in one convenient place.

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Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Display

This complex yet enthralling picture frame display takes the shape of a gorgeous tree—a family tree, specifically.
Your mom-in-law will be delighted to develop the tree as she hangs the pictures of her beloved ones. She will decorate it, slowly making it resemble the family she lovingly nurtures.

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