25 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Mom - The Best Gift Ideas of 2019

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  • Publication date: 24.02.2019
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Your budget?

The birthday of the most important woman in the world is approaching at neck-breaking speed, and the question remains the same.

What to buy her?

Forget about roses and chocolates—these thoughtful, original gifts are all tailor-made for a particular type of mom.

Which one is yours?


Fit mom

Her body is a temple and taking care of it is a ritual. Whether it is hiking, yoga, or CrossFit, she welcomes the challenge with open (and firm!) arms.

Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Not everyone enjoys gyms since some prefer to exercise in comfortable privacy.
If your mom is the type that would rather stay fit indoors, make her task easier with Sunny Health & Fitness’ bike. Designed to save space, it’s a perfect item for small areas while still providing a full body workout.

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A physical active mom has no better ally than a trusted foam roller, and RumbleRoller is perhaps the best one in the market right now.
Meant to aid in the recovery of muscles through self-massages, RumbleRoller is designed to release tension and keep the body flexible. A staple in any gym bag.

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Tara Stiles’ This is Yoga Set

Is your mother a newcomer to the world of yoga? Or perhaps she is an expert yogi that seeks to practice at home?

Regardless of her situation, you can be sure this gift is not amiss—if she is interested in yoga, she needs to get her hands on this unofficial yoga encyclopedia.

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GemWater Bottle

No fit mom is complete without her water bottle; gift her an extra special one.
VitaJuwel's water bottle is unique, as it also contains gemstones. If your mom believes in crystal healing, she’d love to have access to vitalized water on the go.

And if she doesn’t? Well, the crystals look beautiful.

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Garmin Vívoactive

Your mother would benefit from an efficient sports assistant, make sure to give her the best one.

As a smartwatch with multiple built-in sports apps, Garmin Vivoactive will be able to keep track of her activity and monitor her record to ensure high efficiency without damaging her health.

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Luxurious mom

Impeccable from head to toes, she makes sure to look and feel perfect. Pampering herself is a quintessential aspect of her life she dutifully attends to.

Hand Cream Gift Set

Turning into a mom meant saying goodbye to silky smooth hands—at least, until now.
This beautiful gift set features 12 scented creams, all made with natural ingredients and parabens-free. Not to mention it all comes in a beautiful tin box—perfect for the old tradition of storing sewing supplies.

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Julie's Fudge EVERY MONTH

Why pamper your mother just on her birthday?

If you happen to live within the US, you can make your mother enjoy her birthday gift for four months in a row thanks to Julie’s Fudge. It’s simple—pay once, and she will get one pound of fresh fudge monthly.
Nothing more decadent than instant dessert.

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24K Gold Under Eye Patches

Your mother does not need to go out to receive a luxurious spa treatment.

This exclusive under eye patch combines the benefits from gold with the proven qualities of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and seaweed extract—all well-known fighters against the evils of wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

The only thing moms love more than complaining about the dishes is essential oils.
This diffuser is not a run-of-the-mill one. It releases scents that last up to seven hours, all while boasting of a sleek, minimalistic design that glows soothing colors—perfect aid for relaxation and meditation.

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Bathtub Caddy

Like a breakfast tray, but made for luxurious bath times.
Designed with comfort in mind, mom will be able to effortlessly drink wine and check her social media while soaking in. The best part? It can be adjusted to fit any bathtub, regardless of size.

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Housewife mom

Nothing brings her more joy than a new decoration, a useful kitchen appliance, or anything that might improve her already stunning abode.

Adventure Fund Decoration

Being a housewife does not mean mom has to be stuck at home at all times.
Reminiscent of Pixar’s Up, this heart-warming item doubles as both a decoration and a functional gift. Set in a delightfully retro frame, she will be able to stick her leftover coins and save up for the journey of a lifetime.

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Magnetic Spice Containers

The reason why many countries fought over for centuries is now easily accessible, right in your mom’s counter.

Enjoy her delightful food—seasoned with the world’s best flavors—by gifting her this set of sleek, modern, and highly practical magnetic containers. Tailor-made for the world’s best chef.

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Stick Family Chore Chart

Classic mom move—if you get distracted a bit, she will nag you about your chores, regardless of age.
With this wood chart, she’ll be more powerful.
The stick figures are fully customizable, so feel free to design your own family. Your mother will make sure to hang the appropriate task for each.

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AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Any good cook knows that fresh herbs are unbeatable, so why not aid your mom’s already sharp kitchen skills? With this kit, you bet she’ll have the best basil growing mere steps away from the cooking pot.

It features nine pods, a 24-inch extendable lamp, and a gourmet herb seed set.

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Retro “Mom’s Diner” Welcome Sign

Everything vintage is in—it’s right there in the name. So, why not bring the charm of an era long gone, right into your mom’s kitchen?
Charismatic and full of personality, you can customize this beautiful sign in any way you’d like—colors, fonts and even text can be changed to suit your needs.

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Sentimental mom

Loving and being loved is her life goal. Her family and friends are her sources of joy, so feeling appreciated means more than anything else.

Long Distance Lamp

If you live far away, odds are your mother wants to touch you, regardless of how often you talk.
This lamp can provide something almost as good. This Wi-Fi enabled lamp can be part of a network—whenever someone from the family touches it, the others light up. Close together, at all times.

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Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Display

This complex yet enthralling picture frame display takes the shape of a gorgeous tree—a family tree, specifically.
Your mom will be delighted to develop the tree as she hangs the pictures of her beloved ones. She will decorate it, slowly making it resemble the family she lovingly nurtures.

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Conversations with My Mom: A Keepsake Journal of Stories and Memories

The best gifts to give are always meaningful ones.

This lovely journal is a joint project for you and your mother. Nostalgia and delight will be your companions as you try to recall memories, bonding through your recollection of the best aspects of your life with one another.

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23andMe DNA Test

If your mom is family-oriented and wants to know where she comes from—why not gift her the answer to her lifelong curiosity?
This DNA Test kit will make you unravel the mysteries of the past, allowing your mom to discover her genetic health reports and even connect with distant relatives.

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Our Love Was Born™ Night Sky Designs

Beautifully designed, this decoration features a starry night—fully customizable according to date, and astronomically accurate.

Show her the way the sky looked on the night she was born through this gift, as it is the perfect way to make her see her birthday from a brand new perspective.

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High-Tech mom

She keeps up with the times and the latest gadgets available. We live in the future—no time to dwell in the past.

Roku Streaming Stick

Cable is gone—streaming is the new way to enjoy TV, and your mom cannot be left behind.

Grant her complete access to multiple streaming services without any effort by buying her the Roku Streaming Stick. Connect it to the TV, and she will have access to endless sources of entertainment.

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These tiny, fashionable buttons are the perfect gifts for the busy yet tech-savvy mom.
Defined as shortcut buttons, they can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks through three available commands: click, double-click, and hold.
They can be stick anywhere and come in multiple colors.

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Bedside Smartphone Vase

While it may sound like an odd combination, this is a match made in heaven.

Bedside Smartphone Vase decorates your mom’s nightstand while also charging her phone, keeping it steady and secure. It is the perfect mix of beauty, decoration, practicality, and technology—exactly what moms seek.

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Anything Finder

More than one crisis could have been avoided if everyone owned Tile Mate.
As the dog of the tech world, Tile Mate uses Bluetooth to track anything. Those keys your mom keeps losing once per month? Not an issue anymore. Misplaced your phone? Easy solution.

Save your mom from a looming headache.

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Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Spot is one of the best gifts, period—it's obvious it naturally suits your tech-savvy mom. Reading the news, weather forecast, control every smart item in your house and even play Despacito—there is nothing Alexa can’t do, and your mom surely would be delighted to have such an assistant.

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If you think your mom fits two or more of these categories and it confused you, worry not. Just get her an extra gift.

Why not? After all, if someone deserves it all, it’s certainly her.

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