Top 25 Gadget Gifts For Traveling To Save Time And Effort in 2019

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  • Publication date: 04.05.2019
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Your budget?

In XXI century your best travelling buddy is a good gadget. Check out our new article to find everything you need from wireless headphones and action cameras to solar power banks and phone accessories.


Comfort is the number one priority

If you are not ready to give up on a cup of hot coffee or workouts while away, you don't need to! Modern technologies allow you to enjoy greater comfort during your trip.

Travel Gym

For those who always wants to fit a workout in, no matter where they are, the travel gym kit has all the basics needed for a great workout. It’s a gym in a bag!

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Travel Pillow with Hoodie

Lengthy flights can be so tiresome, especially for those who have neck problems. Don’t let yourself be bothered by small inconveniences if you decided to go on a trip. This quality memory foam holds the neck perfectly and the hoodie covers your eyes and ears, allowing for comfortable sleep.

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Drinking Water Filter

This useful gift is definitely for those who are going to Asian countries (where it is hard to get safe water) or mountain hiking. This personal filter removes bacteria, parasites and even microplastic from the water and besides it's ultra-light!

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Mini Travel Iron Steamer

This iron steamer is very small, but it functions just like his bigger brother. Forget about wrinkled jackets and dresses during your trip. Even if you had a night in a tent, with this device you can still have a dinner all dressed up in the evening.

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Portable Coffee Maker

You will just need some ground coffee and boiling water to make a cup of espresso with this device. This portable coffee maker does not require electricity or charging to function and works well for long and short trips.

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Expensive but worth of it

Quality things are key to successful traveling without any troubles: a smartphone with long battery life, a camera with wide-angle lens and stereo speakers, right? We have cherry-picked the most interesting variants for you in this article.

Mavic PRO Drone

A man who loves to travel and take photos will be amazed to receive this present. The combo set includes batteries for the drone with the camera and some additional components necessary for having fun taking pictures from a birds-eye view.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This eco-friendly speaker is made of bamboo. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and plays your favorite playlists or radio broadcasts. Let the music be with you, forever!

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Casio G-Shock Watch

This line of watches has been created specially for travelers. First of all, they have a built-in digital compass, thermometer, full auto-calendar and stopwatch. Second, they are claimed to be unkillable with their shock, vibration, mud and water resistance.

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Action Camera

GoPro is a classical action camera for travel. Sure, you can choose cheaper options, but nothing compares to GoPro in quality. You can get some extra accessories to attach your camera anywhere you like (bike helmet, bicycle or monopod) to get unforgettable photos and videos.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Classical earbuds are so small that you keep losing them everywhere. Besides the wires get tangled all the time. Bluetooth headset is a perfect way out. They are connected to the phone via Bluetooth and provide great quailty sound. Just don't forget to charge them.

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Apple iPod Shuffle

Sure, you still can use your phone for listening to your favorite mp3s, but this is not not an option while on the go. A small mp3 player will come in handy if your try to save phone charge but don't want to spend a minute of your trip without your favorite music.

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Apple Watch Series 4

Every XXI century person needs an Apple Watch, for sure. Travelers need it even more - now they don't have to reach out for their phones every minute. They have all the information on the display - the messages, directions and notifications. Besides, it has a finess tracker and a heart rate monitor.

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To stay connected

Seeing 1% charge on your phone display is probably the most horrible thing that can happen to you in XXI century. It is double as scary when you find yourself in the mountains or in some distant place where nobody speaks your language. But we will help you stay connected at all times!

GoTenna Off-Grid SMS & GPS Device

Create your own private network and send texts and GPS locations between other goTenna devices, up to 4 miles in range. This pair of gadgets helps you to stay in touch with your friends even if you decided to have a walk alone in the city, but don't have a local SIM card.

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Universal Travel Adapter

If your friend is an enthusiastic traveler and has visited a dozen of countries already, they know a thing or two about challenges of different types of power plugs. If they have already experienced a few days with a discharged smartphone in some Asian country, they will be happy to have this gift!

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Power Bank with Flashlight

Don't even think about traveling without your power bank. 22400mAh will help to keep all of your gadgets properly charged, and a flashlight will definitely come in handy during your trip. "Soft touch" finish makes it comfortable to handle and easy to hold.

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Solar Power Bank

This versatile power bank will come in handy while traveling, hiking or just spending your time outdoors. The power bank will charge all of your gadgets and then charge itself through in-built solar panel. The gadget also has a flashlight.

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Car Phone Charger

Are you going on a road trip? Make sure to take a car phone charger with you, because navigation drains the battery very fast. Besides, you can use it to charge you e-book reader or any other small device.

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Bluetooth Tracker

Your luggage also wants to stay connected! You can place this this small tag in the bag and then track its location on your smartphone. No more worries about missing things! Also you can use it for finding your keys, glasses or any other small objects.

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Travel Hotspot

This useful device helps you to stay connected and share internet with your friends and family during your trip. It creates securas and fast-speed Wifi connection and connects up to 5 devices. The horspot comes with free 50GB data promotion.

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For your smartphone

Let's not be deluded: your smartphone is the ultimate device for your journey! It keeps all maps, gps, navigation app, lets you take photos and videos and stay connected. But it can do even more if your buy some extra gadgets. Check it out!

Headphone Splitter

There is always a chance you meet someone on your way you would love to share your favorite music with. Just in case put a small heart-shaped splitter in your backpack. You can connect two pairs of headphones to it and enjoy beautiful romantic songs together.

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Smartphone Night Light

Attach this tiny lampshade clip over you phone's flashlight, turn on the flashlight application and you will get soft lighting. It can be used as a camping lantern, a source light for reading or watching movies without straining your eyes or disturbing your partner.

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Waterproof Phone Case

Wondering how on earth do they make these cool shots with fish under the water? Don't be surprised: you don't need any professional equipment for it - all you have to do is to buy a quality waterproof phone case.

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Selfie Stick

With a all the different social media platforms people are always wanting to share what they are doing to their friends. A selfie stick is the perfect gift to show off where they are or who they are with. Let’s just hope they secure it enough for the phone not to fall down into the river.

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Camera Grip for Smartphones

If you ever fretted about inconvenient touch buttons of your smartphone that make perfect photos impossible, take a look at this gadget. Camera grip connects to your phone through a special app and gives you greater control over your photography.You can even use your smartphone camera one handed.

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Universal SIM-card

If your don't want to buy a new SIM-card for each new country you visit or (that's worse) use crazy expensive global roaming, take a look at this universal SIM-card. It connects to local carriers and provides cheap Internet and phone calls in any country. Tested by hundreds of travelers!

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Did you find everything you need? Now get yourself a good backpack, a flight ticket and a good company.

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