2019 Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide - Best Presents For Your Loved Ones

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Your budget?

Scenario: it’s your friend’s birthday and you are stumped on what to give them. No worries, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful and special gift from this list. From the $5 range to a larger budget item, there is something on this list for everyone! Celebrate the gift of friendship with a gift as unique as your friend and you can’t go wrong.


Little Somethings

What you would consider a stocking stuffer at Christmas, just gifting a little something (or a few little somethings) can be the best way to let a friend know you are thinking of them on their birthday. Get the best bang for your buck with these small gifts.

Dino Cookie Cutters

Something your friend would never think to buy for themselves but they will be so grateful they have. There are always opportunities to make cookies and your friend will have so much fun turning what could be a normal chore into a fun adventure with these cookie cutters.

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Fidget Blocks

Linked blocks, painted in fun colors, are the perfect gift for a friend’s desk. For the friend who is tactile and loves toys, this is the perfect gift.

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Custom Power Bank Charger

Keep your friend fully charged, no matter where they are with this portable power bank charger. They will love this handy gift and be so thankful when they finally run out of juice in the middle of nowhere and get to use it!

from $20
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Mountain Temporary Tattoos

A beautiful set of two temporary tattoos, this would be great for a friend who loves to try new things (but maybe doesn’t want to commit just yet). This set of two temporary tattoos will remind them that you love them to the mountains and back.

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Mental Notes

A sticky note pad for a few mental notes before your friend forgets! This is the perfect small gift to keep in their car, on their desk, in their purse, etc.

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21st Century Must-Haves

Giving a gift that will bring your friend into the 21st century will not only make their birthday special, but also very fun! There is nothing like unwrapping and playing with a new toy as an adult to make a birthday great.

Smartphone Sanitizer

The amount of germs that your smartphone carries at any given time is enough to make anyone sick. Give your friend the gift of a clean conscience (and smartphone) with this smartphone sanitizer.

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Freeing up time to commit to other activities, this iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner will allow your friend to set up the vacuum to clean while they don’t have to do anything! This is a great 21st century gift for anyone who could use a break from cleaning.

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Bluetooth Headphones

With cell phones coming with less ports for headphones, these wireless headphones are the perfect gift for your friend to bring them into the 21st century.

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Amazon Echo Dot

There are a few versions of this gift to fit each need – a budget version of the Echo Dot, a home speaker version and a screen version. Your friend will love and utilize their Echo daily.

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Mousepad Wireless Charger

A double-tasking gift that functions as both a mousepad and a wireless charging station, this is a great gift for your friend on their birthday. They will love getting use out of this and having a fully charged phone.

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From the Heart

Nothing says “happy birthday” like a personalized gift. Your friend will love receiving one of these one of a kind gifts that will remain in use year-round! To give a gift from the heart makes the recipient feel known and loved. You will find a great gift from the heart here.

Custom Planner

To help your friend plan meetings, dates, appointments and more, this personalized planner is the perfect gift for a friend turning another year older. With a soft cover, tabs and gold coils, this quality planner can be found here:

from $24
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Birthday Candle

A birthday cake scented candle your friend will burn all year long, this candle comes personalized with the name of the recipient and their age. It’s fun, personal and smells amazing!

from $30
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Personalized Family Mugs

Nothing will make your friend feel more like a Rockstar than by drinking out of a mug with their face on it. These personalized family mugs can be bought individually or for the whole family!

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Pie Plate

This 9-inch personalized pie plate will become a favorite kitchen staple for your birthday recipient. Bonus: it will always be returned to your friend when they leave it at the potluck.

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Return Stamp

This practical yet fun gift will get a ton of use. A personalized return address stamp for all stationery needs is the perfect gift from the heart.

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This friend values the quality, the luxurious and the finer things in life. Get them something on brand with their personality, but something personal and thoughtful as well. They will love receiving any of these gifts and it will show them how much you value their friendship.

Godiva Chocolate

This luxurious gift box contains a 36 count of assorted chocolates, all gourmet Godiva chocolate for your favorite chocolate loving friend. Find this special box here:

from $45
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Minimalist Watch

Something your friend will use daily, this minimalist watch is handmade and has quality materials. The mid-century modern style is classy and on trend.

from $84
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Cashmere Blanket

The ideal blanket, cashmere is arguably the softest material in the world. And in this understated print that could work in any home, this is the perfect luxury gift for your friend celebrating a birthday.

from $130
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A cult favorite, Brooklinen sheets have been finding their way into everyone’s home because of their popularity and sheer comfort.

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Wine Subscription

For your friend who loves the finer things in life, consider gifting them a monthly wine subscription service, where they will receive different blends and bottles each month.

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The art of self-care is something that you need to remind your friend is important! Putting themselves first sometimes is an important part of making sure that they are healthy and happy. Help them make this time a little more fun by getting them one of these gifts.

Bath Bombs

Made with essential oils and aromatherapy moisturizers, this set of bath bombs are perfect for the friend who could use some time to wind down and allow the scents to calm them. These beautiful, handmade bath bombs are found here:

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Bathtub Caddy

A bath caddy, for winding down with a glass of wine, a good book or just mindless scrolling on their phone – this caddy does it all. This is the perfect gift for your friend to remind them to take some time for themselves.

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Lavender Blanket

With an insert that is filled with lavender for calming, it can be microwaved or put in the fridge for the optimal temperature for comfort. It is a perfect birthday gift for your friend who values self care and relaxation. This beautiful lavender blanket is available here:

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Green Herbal Tea Kit

The options are endless with this tea kit that lets you mix and match herbs to find the perfect brew. Allow your friend some rest and relaxation with a cup of tea with this gift!

from $40
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Face Masks

A rejuvenating face mask can make all the difference for someone who needs a little break. With enough ingredients to make 15 masks, this gift can be found here:

from $25
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The thing about gifting for a birthday is that your friend will feel loved no matter what gift you get them. Knowing that they are cared for and known is the most important gift of all. And utilizing this list to find that specialty item that you know they will use for years to come is a handy way to subvert any stress and enjoy the gift of giving.

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