Photo Gifts – 15 Best Personalized and Custom Gift Ideas 2018

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Your budget?

What unusual photo gifts should you choose?

Photo gifts has become extremely popular recently. Personalized photo surprise is a creative and sentimental gift that is likely to win over the lucky recipient.

Main advantages of photo gifts:

  • This is a highly emotional gift. This present will always be precious for the recipient, as it captures some special moment of their life.
    Photo gift is always a personalized item, because it represents the recipient himself/herself.
  • The price is usually quite reasonable.
  • You can make or order most of photo gifts without even leaving your house.
  • This surprise gift will take pride of place in the house and will linger on in the recipient’s memory for a long time.

Personalized Items

Customized Smartphone Case

Everyone likes personalized gifts, especially creative and meaningful ones. If your significant other likes surprises, order a custom smartphone case with a photo of you two on it. All you need is to upload your favorite photo and specify the model of the smartphone you are choosing the case for.

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Edible Photos

Those gifts were certainly intended for long years of memories and cherishing. Now take a look at something more fragile, but no less amusing! These photos are printed with special ink on tortillas and are absolutely edible. This is going to be a funny detail for lunch box treats for your kids.

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Shining Photo

The gift is sentimental and functional at the same time: this is a light fixture and an unusual interior detail. The fluorescent lamp is shaped like a green bottle with a picture of your happy couple on it. The photo is visible even when the lamp is not lit and it does not fade away with time.

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Portraits and pictures

Crystal 3D portrait

A portrait painted in oil on canvas is no longer in fashion. 3D laser engraved portrait is a perfect gift for the 21st century person. The future is already here! Just send the photo of the person who is going to receive the present and soon the portrait will be ready.

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Every day of your life is unique, so treasure every moment you spend with your friends and relatives. You can keep these memories in your heart, but it is safer to arrange a photo shoot and keep them in your photobook. In this case your can even share those sweet minutes with others:)

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Pyrography Portrait

Wood burned portrait is an unusual sort of a common gift. You send any photo to the specialists and in a few days you will see it on a polished wooden surface. The recipient will appreciate the idea and the result. Neat lines and sophisticated shadows and halftones are combined in one gift.

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Personalized Paint By Number Kit

If your loved one has always dreamed of becoming an artist, give them the opportunity to feel like one, for a day or two. Order a paint by number artistic kit based on his/her own photo, and your significant other will spend a few delightful evening painting the picture of themselves by numbers.

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Wall Art and Photo Wallpapers

This gift will decorate the house and make it even cozier. But keep in mind that wall art is better suited for minimalistic interior. Besides, it may result in some home improvements and even new furniture.

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3D Selfie Figure

3D selfie figure is a nice gift for your relatives, colleagues and even for your boss.The figurines resemble the initial photos so closely that your loved one is sure to be touched and surprised. It is also possible to add some details to reflect the profession or hobby of the recipient.

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Every person wants to cherish the most vivid impressions of his life. Order the InstaBook for them, this is a great present to keep all the sweet memories in one place. This is a beautiful photobook filled with printed Instagram photos. You can choose one of seven page designs and cover colors.

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Photobook is a unique, touching and stylish gift for your loved one. It keeps all the sweet and memorable moments of life. This gift is perfect for such important occasions as birthday, wedding or parents’ anniversary.

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Words Made of Photos

Design your custom letters layout using the online service of and get the picture with a secret message in it. You can have Happiness, Dream, Friendship or even Porsche as a gift. Also you can try names, surnames and special dates.

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Photo Made of Words

At first glance it is just a texturized photo of you two holding hands on a beach, but when you come closer, you can see that the faces, the hands, the waves are made of letters and words. This “two-in-one” gift is a lovely picture and a sweet love poem at the same time.

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Video Gifts

Video Gift

Your nearest and dearest will appreciate a video gift made by yourself. This service helps you to create a unique short movie, using your own photos and videos. You can also choose and apply visual effects and music to make greater impression.

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