25 Gifts for Husband - Romantic, Useful and Both

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  • Publication date: 04.05.2019
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Your budget?

Probably everyone thinks that choosing a gift for your husband is a piece of cake, because you know exactly what he loves and what he hates. But suddenly after a couple of years of married life you find out that you are out of ideas and you have bought everything you could think of. Check out this special list of top 25 gifts for any occasion we have cherry-picked for you.


Gifts for his hobby

Gift creative master-classes, courses and WOW-surprises to a husband 1) who is into some creative hobby or 2) would like to try something new, but was afraid to start.

Guitar Wall Mount STEWARD

If your hubby likes to play the guitar, he will be delighted to receive this functional gift – a varnished guitar wall hook made of beech. This hanger automatically adjusts itself to any shape of headstock. We are not even sure what your hubby will like better – his guitar or this amazing hanger =)

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Masterclasses and online courses

Masterclasses and online courses are all about having a great time while learning new skills. If your loved one is dreaming of playing chess like Gary Kasparov or becoming a chef in a restaurant or making better photos for Instagram, give him a gift card and see him beaming with joy!

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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an amazing way of recreation that can help to find inner peace and harmony to those who need it. This is a great gift for your husband, especially if he is a nature enthusiast and loves new experience.

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Pick Punch

No matter what this music lover has lying around the house, they’ll be able to repurpose it to make sweet music with this pick puncher. It’s a quick and east gadget that makes picks pop up and ready to use with just a quick push. A necessity for the most unique rockstar.

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A magic case for an artist

Painting is a fascinating experience that helps us to understand the world. This artist’s magic case is for those who cherish their inner child. So let them play with canvas, different paints, colored pencils, marker pens and a built-in easel – all in one box.

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Your significant other will be delighted to see an amazing picture of Mars or the rings of Saturn. He may think that you want him to explore the depth of space, but in fact you just want him to admit — there is no star brighter than you.

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Gifts for sports

Every man is a real hero! it doesn't matter if he can hack the world's most secret codes or has good fighting skills, he is a hero when you look at him. And if you want to inspire him even more, gift him something from this list.

Activity Tracker

A man who loves to stay fit and take care of himself will certainly appreciate a fitness tracker. It will help him to keep track of his nutrition, sleep and physical activity and finally it's you who benefits from his workouts and fitness..

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iPhone Arm Band

Either your loved one is a pro cyclist, hiker, or a fitness enthusiast, this iPhone Arm Band is the first-choice gift for him on any occasion. It has a smooth screen touch and comes with 2 different pouches for credit cards, earphone, keys, and small items. Don’t miss this masterpiece.

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Mancrates - Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate

This gift is perfect for a tough guy. If your hubby is a member of “manly man club” and likes to face challenges head on, surprise him! Imagine: the gift is packed in a sturdy wood crate, and he will have to use a mini-pry bar (included) to get his gift. Seeing it is priceless.

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Massage Sessions

If you husband works a lot, buy him a gift voucher for a massage session. Good mood and high spirits afterwards are guaranteed. You can choose any kind of massage he prefers: Thai, classical or Ayurvedic.

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Bluetooth Headphones

For those who do jogging, pilates or any other sports, bluetooth headphones will make a nice gift. They will add so much to his workout: more joy, more concentration and lightness. No tangled wires is great. It's only music, sports and him.

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Fitness gift cards

If your husband has not started his fitness program yet, gift him a fitness gift card. You can choose any fitness center around you, and usually most of them have spacious workout halls, comfortable locker rooms, heated pools and group/personal classes.

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Gifts for traveling

Even at the summit of the mountain your husband will keep thinking about you, because gifts you bought him will be always with him - in his backpack.

Travel Backpack

Imagine if there was a backpack that can also double as a phone charger. Luckily, a USB anti-theft backpack can not only keep a phone charged, but keep people from stealing your husband's things.

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Family Travel Pushpin Map

Show and make the places the family’s visited with this customized travel pushpin USA map! It can be the place you first met, where your crew was established, where your kids went to college. It comes with a set of multi-colored push pins, so each person can pick a color that represents them.

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Camping Mugs

On trend and extremely useful, these mugs are perfect for the basket to hold your loved one’s cup of joe. A set of two, this also might help you get an invitation to breakfast one weekend. These mugs are found on Amazon.

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Festival survival

Sooner or later you will find him in the middle of nowhere jumping to music. He will surely appreciate a pair of ear plugs, a waterproof poncho and a stainless steel multi-tool. And even if he decides to skip the festival, this kit will come in handy in a hiking trip or in case of zombie apocalypse.

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Gifts for his car

Men love their cars just like we love cats (except that you don't have to spend so much money, time and efforts on cats). Find a nice gift for his "loved one" and feel his appreciation.

Car Phone Charger

Are you going on a road trip? Make sure to take a car phone charger with you, because navigation drains the battery very fast. Besides, you can use it to charge you e-book reader or any other small device.

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Magnetic Wrist Bracelet

Keeping track of all the small nails and screws on a project is such a hassle. This bracelet is a great way to keep screws and nails from ending up on the garage floor where they can puncture a tire.

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Under his car, in the dark, replacing a light switch, there is no end to the potential reasons your husband needs a headlamp. Keeping his workspace illuminated while freeing up his hands is the best gift you can give him. A simple headlamp will make a great addition to every handyman’s toolbelt.

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Portable Coffee Maker

While driving the car on long journeys, you often need someone to make you coffee and it can’t be done because making coffee is not that easy. But wait, we have a portable car coffee maker for you using which you can make coffee during travel! Perfect.

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Gifts for comfortable home

101 Reasons Why I Love That You’re My Husband

This Memory Journal Notebook is one of the best and the cheapest gifts you can give your husband because it’s full of sentiments and love. Make sure to write some wonderful reasons, compliments, appreciations, poems, and your true thoughts for him before gifting it.

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Wireless Cell Phone Charger

If your hubby is too busy to take a couple of seconds it takes to plug a phone in to charge it, a wireless cellphone charger is the perfect gift. It is a nice gifts for any man on the go who just wants to put his phone down without needing to plug it in and just fall right asleep.

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Wooden Lap Desk For Laptops

Being a fulltime laptop user, he will love this wooden lap desk from you on his birthday. Made with solid oak wood and corkwood fragment, it has enough space to place your laptop and mouse. It absorbs laptop’s heat and is highly reliable whether you use it on your bed or a sofa.

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Personalized Hourglass and Clock

This personalized and engraved hourglass and a clock can become the best addition to his desktop. It comes in brass gold color along with mahogany-stained hardwood. It contains a timepiece and a 7-minute sand timer connected to it. Don’t miss this state-of-the-art gift.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your husband spends a lot of time in front of a screen, do him a favor by helping him protect his eyes. These glasses are named after Alan Turing, a godfather of modern day computer science. The glasses can be made with prescription or nonprescription lenses.

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And don't forget - sometimes it's not the gift itself, but the way you gift it that matters.

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